Colocation paper published in RFS

Our paper “Trading fast and slow: Colocation and liquidity” has been accepted for publication in the Review of Financial Studies. The paper shows that an optional colocation upgrade is pursued primarily by liquidity suppliers. The colocation upgrade leads to improved liquidity, and we show that the improvement is due to the lower inventory costs incurred by the traders who pursue the upgrade.

Fast and furious?

The aggressiveness of HFTs
In this new working paper, which is joint with Lars Nordén and Dong Zhang, we study limit order submissions by various trader groups. In particular, we are interested in how the order decision is influenced by market conditions. Our evidence supports the notion that HFTs stabilize markets by supplying more liquidity when it is expensive.

Björn Hagströmer

Associate Professor in Finance at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University, doing research on financial market microstructure, with applications to asset pricing, financial econometrics, liquidity measurement and market design.